Print Edition

If you click on your selected image, you can order this as a print in your desired size, pay online and get it conveniently delivered to your home.

There are a few images labeld as "Limited EDITION" which are limited to 100 pieces. If you choose a "Limited EDITION" , you need to order them personally by mail.

Furthermore, there are some pictures labeld "Exclusive EDITION" which means there are only 300 pieces available.


Artworks and commissioned works

Each of my works presented here can be ordered by you or redesigned in a modified form. All are unique. Energy pictures are created individually according to your wishes. Objects for your living rooms, offices, practices, etc. are made only after inspection of the rooms and a personal meeting. For personal energy pictures a photo of the room and the person concerned is enough.

I am looking forward to your order.

Please simply write an email with the name of the desired image and your request or call.

Phone: +49 7576 2550 - Email:

Many thanks Carmen Eisele